Trends of visual perfection – An EvolutionTrends of visual perfection – An Evolution
Trends of visual perfection – An Evolution

During the Renaissance era artists strived for perfection. They believed in the exact mix of science and art. Today we all do the same in eternally searching for perfection. We search for perfection even in the simplest aspects of life, like the water bottles, we go for the lightest, formfitting, filled with the most water. But when is it too much, when do we need to step back and take a new path. Like all transitions in art it comes as a reaction to what preceded it.  After the clean cut Renaissance artists took interest in the flowing lines and colors of the Asian artists. The Japanese loved to use women and flowers in their paintings because of their soft lines.


Hourglasses are iconic symbols for a countdown. Every era has its end its just a matter of time. As the bottle move through the middle it transforms into pure water. It’s the beauty of how the water can form into any shape but never has a hard edge. But like all design elements they have a popular time and then they die out but they always come back into the light. The hourglass is not just a one way track once the world gets tired of one style they tend to go back the other way so if we flip the glass over the water forms back into bottles representing the fluidity of design and its ever changing face.