Hosted Product Videos
OC Creative Media’s Hosted Product Videos are designed to give consumers an in depth overview and demonstration of our clients’ products. Hosted Product Videos are an excellent way of communicating special features and qualities of more complex or sophisticated products with visual confirmation of how to use the products properly. Our knowledgeable hosts provide clear, accurate, and easy to follow instructions of a product’s capabilities, making consumers confident in the functionality of the showcased product before purchasing. By providing beautifully shot images with high quality visual and audio effects, OCCM’S Hosted Product Videos are able to use engaging hosts to invite consumers to learn and explore more about the various qualities that make our clients’ products remarkable.
Our Samples
Cambro – Prep Line Food Safety
Classic Leotard – Discount Dance Supply
Traditional Platter Tutu – Discount Dance Supply
Trendy Zebra Duffle Bag – Discount Dance Supply
MF26B 26″ Misting Fan – Luma Comfort