OC Creative Media Develops Viral Marketing for UncleVic.comOC Creative Media Develops Viral Marketing for UncleVic.com
OC Creative Media Develops Viral Marketing for UncleVic.com

Agency Partners on Viral Video and Marketing Campaign for Black friday

Orange County, CA, November 23, 2009 – OC Creative Media, Orange County’s  Leading Marketing Agency, is pleased to announce its partnership with Unclevic.com and Point One Technologies Inc. in the promotion and marketing for UncleVic.com’s Penny Pincher Promotion for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

OC Creative Media developed the concept, marketing plan, online distribution and the social media distribution for UncleVic.com’s viral video campaign “Donttelleverybody.com”

“We’re stoked about Black-Friday this year,” says Jim Wendt, Marketing Manager at UncleVic.com.  “We launched last year right before Black Friday so this is sort of like Uncle Vic’s huge 1st birthday party.”

OC Creative Media wanted the viral video campaign to do more than just promote Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales for UncleVic.com. The challenge was promoting a fairly unknown brand name in the online electronics sales world.  The result, a video series, a youtube channel, a custom video landing page and huge growth in brand awareness.

UncleVic's Donttelleverybody.com

OC Creative Media created a campaign that allowed users to rate, comment and share various viral videos along platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Myspace and Twitter.  These videos drove viewers to the custom landing page: donttelleverybody.com where Uncle Vic’s Penny Pincher Deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday were featured.

Pairing this viral media campaign with an aggressive press release campaign including blogs, news outlets and digital mashups.

All of these elements worked to create the highly successful viral video campaign increasing website views for UncleVic.com and increasing brand awareness for both UncleVic.com as well as the “Don’t Tell Everybody” slogan.

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