Discount Dance Supply

Los Angeles, CA – Discount Dance Supply Hired OC Creative Media to create an online video marketing campaign that targeted the growing video audience. “Kids are always on their lap tops or cell phones looking at different videos on facebook and YouTube. We wanted to expand our marketing past photo shoots for our catalog and web site and reach out to a new audience through videos; in effect, we wanted to bring the DDS motto ‘we know dance’ to life,” stated DDS CEO Brian Hill.
OC Creative Media worked with Discount Dance Supply’s internal marketing team to create a video series that featured New York City Ballet’s Principal Dancer, Ashley Bouder and former So You Think You Can Dance contestant Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss. The video series contains a high energy entertaining dance video that combines both tWitche’s popping / hip hop dance style with Ashley’s traditional Ballet Style. Videos to follow included a behind the scenes video, interviews of both tWitch and Ashley, as well as a few mini featurettes.
OC Creative Media is known for encouraging their clients to provide social content to consumers ”being socially productive and providing your consumers with content they want, really pays off. It allows everyone to interact with your brand you dont have to be pushing product 100% of the time to sell. You gain followers and loyalty by providing your consumers with something they want.” stated OC Creative Media CEO Torrey Tayenaka.

This is not the only video series that Discount Dance Supply and OC Creative Media will be doing together there are already plans for another set of videos to be released sometime in the next few months.

Our Samples
Classic Leotard – Discount Dance Supply
Traditional Platter Tutu – Discount Dance Supply
Jazzy Short Unitard – Discount Dance Supply
Trendy Zebra Duffle Bag – Discount Dance Supply